Later Life

People are now living longer, so long-term financial security is becoming an even more critical factor in ensuring your continued wellbeing, along with ongoing support to meet the complex needs of later life.


Charles Royle and Company can guide and support you and your family towards the best solution for your individual needs, such as:

  • Paying for care
  • Financial assessment
  • Funding options
  • Benefits and grants
  • Guidance for power of attorney holders
  • Working with other professionals, such as solicitors

Our experience with Later Life planning proved invaluable when supporting a client through a difficult transition in life which is highlighted below.

Mrs B’s husband died suddenly, her son and daughter lived some distance away and she didn’t want to burden them with her problems. We helped her navigate her way through this period, alleviating her main worry about having enough money to pay for residential home fees.

It was essential that we put her mind at ease, reassuring her that no major decisions needed to be made until she was ready. Over a period of time, we helped her wind up her late husband’s estate, in conjunction with her solicitor.

When this was completed, she started to think about the future, the family home was now too big, and her mobility had worsened. With our help, advice, and discussions with her children, she decided to sell up and move into a residential home near her daughter.

Now she has a financial plan in place that will secure the payment of fees for the rest of her life. In addition she was able to give some of the proceeds from the sale of the house to her children.

All good wishes and thank you yet again for your care, which has proved invaluable now for quite a few years. Long may it continue.
Client J&D. S