Whatever your pension requirements, we have the expertise and experience to advise on most pension issues as we keep up to date with the latest pension regulations.

Mr & Mrs H first met Nick, one of the partners, to discuss their financial plans and in particular their pensions.

Both of them were near retirement age and held funds in various plans. They were unsure on what options were available to them and how best to receive a tax free lump sum and a pension income.

Mr & Mrs H explained “when Nick first met us, he really took the time to understand our situation and listen to our concerns.

Afterwards, he sent us a detailed proposal which explained complicated jargon in simple plain English which we were grateful for.

As a result, we proceeded with Nick’s recommendation.  He ensured we were kept informed throughout the entire process. Once everything had been finalised, we realised how reassuring it had been to receive Nick’s guidance and advice on the myriad of options, which ensured we got what we wanted”.